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AAP offers engineering support and sales services for the commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC industry.


Our Technical Sales Engineers have the educational background, professional experiences, and high-tech industry tools and software to assist the design consultant, preconstruction manager, and owner in the early stages of building design and making the correct decisions regarding the type of HVAC system to use. They allow for modeling and budgeting of any project quickly and accurately. Our technical sales team have the best tools to select the right HVAC system and optimize it for its particular application. Our technical expertise, diverse systems experience, and “lessons learned” approach to selecting HVAC equipment allows for the innovation, energy efficiency, to emerge for the optimum HVAC system solution to be applied on each project.

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Our Technical Sales Engineers utilize the latest state-of-the-art industry software available today. The Energy Labs Elite AHU selection and pricing programs is one of the most advanced software tools in the industry for air handling unit design. It allows Custom Air Handler and DX Rooftop Unit “optimized” selections and outputs 100% scaled .dxf format CAD drawings. Advantix Systems & RAE Corps. software suites allow complete submittal creation for chillers, condensing units and coils. Danfoss VFD’s, and Strobic Air’s On-line programs allow complete submittal generation with pricing. Phoenix Controls Optimizer airflow control modeling program offers total cost of ownership (TOC) and complete ROI analysis to allow us to pick the best product for the application. We offer a vast array of software tools geared to assist us and our consultants in selecting the equipment, designing it, and budgeting it efficiently. LG VRF LATS program allows us to provide complete system layout design and sizing, from block loads supplied by the consulting engineer, which can be converted to CAD and imported into project drawings to increase accuracy, save design time, and efficiently provide complete VRF design in minutes.

Many of the companies we represent such as Danfoss, LG VRF, Arctic Chill, Advantix Systems, Aircuity, and Phoenix Controls, now offer Energy Modeling software to allow system comparisons to further evaluate and assess which products meet the design intent at the lowest energy consumption while offering the best GREEN benefits.

Much of our software is available to you for your use at no cost. Furthermore, our Sales Engineers will come to your office, install the software, and train you and your office staff on how to use it. In addition, most of our manufactures provide top-notch webinars to further enhance your knowledge without ever leaving your office.

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AAP offers installation and service training for DANFOSS and LG Multi-V VRF systems. These training classes are offered by our trained product champions to ensure you will have proper installation and continuing local service and support. Danfoss VFD classes are conducted for start-up and advanced troubleshooting services.

AAP is certified to provide LG Multi-V VRF training to installation and service contractors at our Lenexa, KS offices. As an LG Training Academy, we conduct all day installation and service training courses many times each year to ensure contractors have the knowledge needed to properly install and service your equipment to protect your investment.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are fast becoming one of the most desired and designed HVAC systems in the marketplace due to their high energy efficiency, excellent zoned comfort, and modular system design eliminating the need for large ductwork and high reliability and low cost of ownership . In addition, we offer architects, engineers, and owner’s continuing education on all facets of VRF design and application. These courses come with certificates for professional development hours (PDH”s) for attendees, if needed.

Our office includes a complete “LIVE Demo Lab” for the LG Multi-V operating VRF system complete with all style and types of indoor units: 1, 2, & 4-way cassettes, fan coil units, standard and ART Cool wall mounted units, Heat recovery boxes, thermostats, AC Smart Premium building controllers and BACnet integration gateways to allow our customers see and experience just how good life can be with LG!.

Call to schedule a LG Multi-V VRF system demonstration today to see what all the fuss is about.

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Our service goes beyond the support we provide in the engineering, sale, delivery, and installation of our equipment. We are there for the end user years after the installation of our equipment. Most of our equipment is designed and built to last 25 to 30+ years if maintained properly, it only makes sense for us to be there for our customer’s years after the warranty period has expired. Many of our products carry the longest standard warranties in the business, such as Danfoss drives which come with a 1.6 -year parts and labor warranty with certified start up services provided by AAP or one of our many local factory trained service groups.

Customer Training Services are provided after startup and are designed to improve the level of understanding for our products. The training is conducted with a mix of classroom theory and hands-on field training. This allows the maintenance staff to take ownership with the”peace of mind” that they are equipped to trouble shoot and solve most problems in-house. If not, AAP can offer support/service agreements that are tailored to specific customer needs. In addition, many of our manufacturers offer computer based training programs on CD or on-line to enhance your continuing education or for new employee training on the HVAC systems that have been provided by AAP. The key is we don't leave you hanging without local service. Your investment is safe and secure with AAP.

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All of our major product manufacturers have factory-authorized and trained service centers. Our equipment is often furnished with factory startup to give the end user that extra peace of mind that the equipment will be tuned and operated to the manufacturer's recommendations.

AAP is a factory authorized service center for most of the products we sell and can tailor a service/support agreements to protect your invest during or after the warranty period has expired. We are service center for the following products:

Danfoss Drives HONEYWELL Analytics gas detection systems
Phoenix Controls Advantix Systems
LG VRF Systems Ebtron Air flow systems
SecureAire PACT FreshAire APCO & UV systems
FHP heat pumps Aircuity Optinet Systems

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Value Added Turnkey Services

Since 1985 Associated Air Products (AAP) has supplied Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment and other appurtenances that are required to provide a complete Power plant HVAC installation package. Many of these systems required custom materials and treatments to survive in the rugged, dirty, plant environment.

Typical Scope of Products and Services

The typical equipment that AAP supplies for projects are as follows: Chiller Pump Packages, Chilled Water Storage Tanks, Condensing Units, Air Handling Units, Fans, Power Roof Ventilators, Duct Heaters, Unit Heaters, Diffusers, Registers, Grilles, Louvers, Storm Louvers, Sand Louvers, VAV Boxes, Sound Attenuators, Dampers, Access Doors, Ductwork & Supports, High Temperature Ductwork & Supports, Duct Seismic Bracing, Duct Wrap Insulation & Duct Liner, Split-Ductless Units, Package Thru-Wall Units, Equipment Isolation, Expansion Tanks, Chemical Feeders, Water Treatment Chemicals, Chilled Water Piping, Piping Supports, Piping Seismic Bracing, Piping Insulation, Control Valves, Isolation Valves, Temperature & Pressure Indicators.

Temperature Control Panels & Instrumentation, Explosion Proof Temperature Control Panels, Local Start/Stop Stations, Smoke Detectors, Refrigerant Piping, Refrigerant Accessories, Refrigerant Piping Insulation & Lagging, Refrigerant Piping Supports, Refrigerant & Oil, Floor Drains, Drain Piping, Condensate Piping, Pipe Markers, Equipment Nameplates & Tags, Start-up Spare Parts, Recommended Spare Parts, Structural Steel for Supports, Rods, and Fasteners, as required, for the complete installation of the equipment listed above.

AAP provides detailed submittals and Operation & Maintenance Manuals in both metric and US units, for all the equipment supplied. In addition, detailed installation drawings can be provided.

AAP has many years of experience in crating, containerizing, and shipping of equipment worldwide.

Other services provided include: Start-up Supervision, On Site Erection Representation, Commissioning, Testing & Balancing, and Owner Training.

The following is a partial list of successfully completed project:

  • Lungman Nuclear Power Plant, Taiwan.
  • Rayong Combined Cycle Plant, Blocks I, II, & III, Thailand.
  • Taiwan Power - High Pressure Air Handling Units, Thailand.
  • Midway Power Station, England.
  • Gadong Power Authority, Brunei.
  • Pagbilao Power Station - Hopewell Power, Philippines.
  • Khanom Combined Cycle Plant, Thailand.
  • Black Hills Power Station, Gillette, Wyoming
  • Cajuin Electric Power Cooperative, Louisiana.
  • South Bangkok Combined Cycle Plant - Stage II, Thailand.
  • Wang Noi Combined Cycle Plant Stage I & II, Thailand.
  • Paiton Private Power Project Phase II, Units 5 & 6, Indonesia.
  • Tanjung Jati B Power Station Units 1 & 2, Indonesia.
  • El Hidd Power & Water Production Facility, Bahrain.
  • San Jose Power, Guatemala.
  • Penuelas Power, Puerto Rico.
  • Agawam Power Project, Agawam, Massachusetts.
  • City Public Service, San Antonio, Texas.
  • Takoradi 2 Simple Cycle Power Plant, Ghana, Africa.
  • New Madrid Power Station, Unit 2, New Madrid, Missouri.
  • Milford Power Company, Milford, Connecticut.
  • Desert Basin Power Generating Facility, Casa Grande, Arizona.
  • Empire District Electric Company, Joplin, Missouri.
  • Rhode Island State Energy Project, Johnston, Rhode Island.
  • Allegheny Energy Supply Company, Units 3, 4, & 5, Springdale, Pennsylvania.
  • Hunterstown Project, Hunterstown, Pennsylvania.
  • Choctaw County Project, French Camp, Mississippi.
  • United Illuminating Company, Hartford, Connecticut.

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