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AAP Fluid Coolers
Geothermal Fluid Coolers
Aircuity OptiNet
Reduce building energy consumption, carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing occupant comfort, health, and productivity.
American ALDES
Energy Recovery Ventilators
Arctic Chiller Group
The Arctic Chiller Group is filling the niche as the comprehensive alternative to traditional approaches by providing innovative products, sought after technologies and system solutions. The range of solutions possible by the engineering and manufact
AQC Industries is a leading manufacturer and innovator of The BlueDuct® underground air duct systems for heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC). The products are engineered to protect against corrosion, mold and mildew, radon, rust, water and air l
Industrial and Commercial Humidifiers and OEM HVAC/R Controls
Changeair, a division of systemair,the Sound Leader for Classroom Ventilation Changeair manufactures five series of classroom vertical air handlers that can be customized and adapted to meet your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs.
Danfoss AB-QM PiCV Valves
Discover how the Danfoss AB-QM™ PICV can improve system efficiency by eliminating overflows and increasing delta T. Proven Reliability,Energy Saving, and easy selection with 100% control authority. 3-year or less payback in most cases.
Danfoss HVAC Drives
Danfoss has been sets the standard for HVAC variable frequency drives. The VLT HVAC drive comes with std. 122F high temp. design, Automatic Energy Optimazation (AEO) feature increase energy savings over all other drives.
Ebtron has been creating “Green Building” by providing low cost, accurate TD airflow sensing using microprocessor based electronic sensors for measuring airflow and temp.
Energy Labs, Inc.
Competitive custom-built double walled modular air handling units and DX Rooftop Units using R410a from 20 to 250 tons.
FHP Florida Heat Pump
Founded in 1969, FHP MANUFACTURING has established itself as the leader in R410a Air & Water Source and Geothermal Heat Pump Industry. Our 100,000 sq ft state of the art facility is located in Ft. Lauderdale,FL.
FreshAire UV
Germicidal Ultraviolet Light Rays produced by the Fresh-Aire UV System destroy micro-organisms that collect inside to help maintain a germ-free environment.
GreenTrol Automation, Inc.
GreenTrol Automation, Inc. specializes in high quality standard off-the-shelf and custom designed HVAC sensing and control solutions. The sensing and control market is expanding rapidly as demands for improved indoor air quality and energy conservati
Honeywell Analytics
Honeywell Analytics, formerly Vulcain Alarm, has designed, and marketed a complete, competitive line of both wired and "wireless" gas detection sensors using the best technology available for each gas.
UL Listed electric duct, cabinet and unit heaters, Open and finned tubular electric heatig elements.
LG Electronics
Since 1947 LG Electronics USA Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is a technology introduced as a system to minimize efficiency losses found in conventional HVAC systems and provide sustainable energy benefits.
NovelAire Technologies
NovelAire’s DES/DX series of commercial dehumidifiers and 100% make-up air units revolve around the basic concept of combining desiccant dehumidification with DX cooling to provide energy efficient dehumidification. This dedicated outside air conditi
ONICON price vs. performance ratio is unparalleled for water flow and BTU measurement systems.
Phoenix Controls
Phoenix Controls offers a complete line of CELERIS Lab, THERIS healthcare, and TRACCEL life sciences spaces control products increasing energy savings and personal safety. "We ensure environmental integrity".
Plasma Air International
Bipolar ionization IAQ & Odor control systems
Rapid Engineering
Rapid have provided a complete “Air Management System” using both direct and indirect heating for makeup air, and air rotation systems with cooling.
Redd-i Div. of TPI Corp
REDD-i, a division of TPI Corp., has provided a complete line of commercial heating products.
RenewAire ERV’s makes sense in both cold weather and hot, humid weather. 20 year warranty on enthalpic plate heat exchanger.
SecureAire uses Particle Acceleration Collision Technology (PACT), to “make every room a CLEAN room” and saves energy by allowing reductions in outside air of up to 50% using ASHRAE 62-2007, IAQ Procedure.
Strobic Air
Strobic Tri-Stack lab fume hood exhaust systems meet requirements of ANSI Z9.5 (1992), American National Standard for Laboratory Ventilation.
Soild Desiccant Dehumidification Systems
Systemair consist of multiple brands of HVAC products such as ERV/HRV, GENIOX Semi-custom AHU and Changeair vertical unit ventilators for schools.
TAMCO is an innovative manufacturer of high end, quality dampers and air control products, serving commercial, industrial and institutional markets.
Technical Systems
Providing custom air, water, & evaporative cooled chillers, condensing units, and fluid coolers.
Tridium,div. of HONEYWELL,is the inventor of the Niagara Framework®, a universal software platform that helps manufacturers develop Internet-enabled equipment systems and device-to-enterprise applications.